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} 1. Aug 2020 Geton

The last few weeks were hectic but well worth it. Here is a short recap of what you can enjoy in the latest version of Geton products.

From shareholding to company management

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Shareholders and Company features on Monday to make the Geton ecosystem more stable and secure.

  • The Shareholders feature allows you to lock your tokens in a company and become its shareholder. It replaces the Geton Plus platform, while the Company Wallet becomes the main entity for the company within the Geton ecosystem. By becoming a shareholder, you can participate in company earnings and ACS sell.
  • With the Company feature, you get more information about an entity, such as company data, token supplies balances, etc., all in one place.

The Manager Panel was also changed to provide company managers with better insight and control over companies within the Geton ecosystem.

What’s in it for shareholders?

Shareholder income will be distributed every day at 3:00 pm UTC+2.

When ACS is sold in Wallet, income is as follows:

  • 48% distributed to Shareholders
  • 24% distributed to Fund account
  • 16% distributed to BuyBack account
  • 8% distributed to Management account
  • 4% system fee

When ACS is sold on Trading platforms, income is as follows:

  • 24% distributed to Shareholders
  • 24% distributed to Fund account
  • 8% distributed to Management account
  • 24% distributed to Geton account
  • 16% distributed to Grossus account
  • 4% system fee

Changes to the Buy plan

We are also changing the networking GROSH discount to the same amount as the Network fee that is distributed to the matrix on token buy.

If the network fee is 64%:

  • Sell orders are set with 64% discount
  • Networking GROSH discount is 64%

If you as a user do not have any networking GROSH and you only spend your available GROSH, the matrix rewards will be allocated in available GROSH.

Week of changes

In the following week, we will also be upgrading our servers to offer you a better experience.

All of the listed changes in this report will take effect on Monday, August 3, 2020, at 12:00 pm UTC+2.


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