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} 9. Sep 2019 milankozlevcar

The Geton platform is a globally recognized standard for an open blockchain environment.

The development stages of a business idea with global dimension are usually reflected in a ‘natural’ form as cyclical and volatile repetitions of ups and downs, so-called bubbles, that lead to an irrational investment mania and capitulation the majority of investors.

Geton with the use of the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept prevents the irrational rise of crypto-token price and, more importantly, fall its price to an unreasonable value. The intensity of this effect is aligned by the actual market share of the project, supported by crypto-token.

The Dynamic Price Modeling Concept is presented in the graph right below and it reflects the form of natural logarithm function, presented with an algorithm of the golden ratio.

With Dynamic Price Modeling Concept, we provide:

  • Authors of innovative business ideas with a global scale with a transparent and controlled development of the business idea through the use of crypto-tokens into a successful company
  • Investors with an opportunity to participate in the corresponding portion of earnings without organizational constraints



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