} 1. Jul 2019 Miran Pavlic


The AirPod project has the potential market, the buyer and we have the Genuine Demand — the reason that people will be buying APOD tokens.

We have explained the market already but let’s do it again really quickly, to get the picture about the number of potential AirPod customers.

AirPod’s market entry points are the world’s busiest airports where user flow is guaranteed due to constant waiting for transit flights and unexpected flight delays. Over 5 million passengers are waiting for connecting flights in Dubai every year. And Dubai is only one of the 280 airports that we initially target. Over 400 million passengers in air transit per year are facing the same problems — lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats, and no place to relax. These problems are most apparent at the airports, but they also occur at many other places — train and bus stations, hospitals, fairs and venues, offices, business centers, shopping centers, universities, hotels, etc. Considering our future expansion plans the market we are entering is worth over $500 Million.

However, having millions of potential customers don’t make your project or cryptocurrency successful — it is the Actual Demand that it does. People need to buy APOD tokens for the reason they were established for.

Here we have two different streams:

1. AirPod unit’s rent

2. Sponsorship Program

Firstly, if travelers want to use the AirPod unit, they have to pay for the rent in APOD tokens (of course you will be able to pay with the credit card, but in this case, our system will buy tokens for you). So now — yearly 400 million passengers are buying APOD tokens to pay for the rent of AirPod Unit.

Secondly, if our investors want to be a part of the Sponsorship Program and receive lifetime passive income from AirPod Units worldwide, they need the APOD token to swap it for asset-backed token, that will be established in our upcoming STO, which will replace the Sponsorship Program (yes, we will have STO! More about it coming soon).

Why do you want to be a part of the Sponsorship Program?

The Sponsorship Program will be your opportunity to collect lifetime passive income, generated by AirPod units. It will start after the placement of the 400th AirPod unit. To participate, the contributor will exchange his/hers APOD tokens for sponsorship rights after the Sponsorship Program starts. Units will offer 80% of the sponsorship rights at the start of the program. Once AirPod contributor becomes a Sponsor, he starts receiving monthly passive-income as long as he remains the Sponsorship rights owner. The monthly income is paid out in APOD tokens. If a Sponsor wants a »quick exit«, he can sell his rights to another user — risk-free, with no paperwork, intermediary or additional contracts, through the Smart Contract.

AirPod has not one, but two organic demands — the one from the buyer (AirPod unit’s user) and the one from the investor (who will become the Sponsor). Do not miss the next article, where we will explain the tokenization behind our business model!


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