Antalya Conference, a new chapter in the Geton story

} 22. Sep 2020 Tina Marinič

It’s safe to say that the last few days in Antalya, Turkey, represented an important milestone for the Geton ecosystem as a whole.

The conference brought like-minded visionaries together to meet, learn and build new teams of networking leaders across the globe for the newborn matrix of GetonGlobal.

Three days of Geton

From the inauguration day to the wrap-up, the conference was all about innovating and disrupting the way companies are created and scaled today.

Day 1: The conference kicked off with the presentation of the Grossus blockchain and the Geton vision. We’ve also proudly announced our partnership with Kari Wahlroos, his ideas, work and endeavours.

Day 2: On the second day, we publicly launched the pillars of the Geton ecosystem: GetonMarketsGetonNewsGetonGlobal Matrix, and within Geton Instant Beta, all the blockchain-based companies that joined the cause and recognized the potential of growth with Geton.

Day 3: The final day of the conference, we held workshops and training for Geton leaders with Mr Kari Wahlroos, and devoted much time to spread the knowledge and understanding of the Geton ecosystem, showcased and instructed the use of the existing Geton features, and announced the arrival of new ones.

A conference with a goal

The goal of the conference was simple. We wanted the audience to gain a deep understanding of the Geton project, its business model, and successful methods that made it a success.

We showcased visionary blockchain companies leveraging the Geton platform and revealed some major updates that will see the light of day soon.

For Geton, it’s crucial that the communication around the project is clear and brings benefits to everyone involved. For that reason, we devoted our time to train the leaders to present and spread the word about Geton adequately and taught them how users interact with platforms of our blockchain companies.

Kari Wahlroos added his invaluable part to the training, as well, and contributed to building the GetonGlobal fundamentals. Over the last days, he has been extremely excited about working with Geton, he even said he never witnessed a more innovative, secure and transparent business model than that of Geton.

The beginning of a new era

Trust is fundamental. And we’ve earned it by nurturing a transparent relationship with our member leaders, as we strive to instil Geton standards of work and the company’s vision and goals into each contributor to the ecosystem.

The leaders understand how vital the company working protocols are, and on that base, they have built the confidence to start promoting the Geton project around the globe.

As Geton founder and CEO, Milan Kozlevčar pointed out,

“We are all at the start of something big, and right now, we began influencing the future on a global scale. We will give power to the people. Together, we will change the world.”


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