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} 18. Sep 2020 Tina Marinič

In one of our previous posts, we’ve announced the interest of Mr Kari Wahlroos in the Geton.Global business world.

Today, we’re proud and excited to say that Mr Wahlroos has officially become a Geton.Global partner. We are confident that this collaboration will bring an array of possibilities and business opportunities for everyone involved.

Grossus takes on Turkey

We’re currently in Antalya, Turkey, for our 4th Grossus Blockchain Conference, to present our core business model and disrupt the paradigm of blockchain companies.

Yesterday, the Founder and CEO of Geton, Milan Kozlevčar, held a talk about the role of innovation in the era of disruptive businesses and technologies.

But the conference is more than just an opportunity to meet new people and expand our horizons. For us, it was also the perfect occasion to announce the latest partnership between Geton and Mr Wahlroos.

Kari Wahlroos ♥ Geton.Global

Mr Wahlroos is joining the newly launched Geton.Global world through his own investment. Having him on board also represents a new milestone for the Geton ecosystem, as it propelled our expansion to the Asia-pacific region.

We’ve launched Geton.Markets

To allow a clearer overview of the growth of the Geton projects, we’re also launching Geton.Markets. Geton.Markets is like Coinmarketcap for Geton companies, i. e., a site that provides real-time insight into the current and past prices of their respective tokens.

Make sure you check it out and follow successful Geton projects as they grow.



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