Current crypto hype VS long-term universal passive income

} 7. Dec 2020 milankozlevcar

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been witnessing a Bitcoin surge as it reached a new all-time high. It spurred more people into buying cryptocurrencies, which boosted crypto market capitalization, now accounting for well over half of a trillion US dollars.

While the rise of Bitcoin value is impressive in itself, it’s an indicator of (or maybe, a reason for?) seismic moves at a much broader scale. Not only does the crypto world and many other cryptocurrencies follow the trend of growth, but we can see higher adoption of digital means of payment, of investment and asset collection among people who were not into it before.

On this, Milan Kozlevčar – Founder & CEO at Geton Ecosystem – added: “But more funds being poured into the crypto market is not only a result of the recent Bitcoin hype. Amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, people are looking into means of investment that yield better returns compared to savings in bank deposits.”

Universal passive income beats get-rich-quick schemes

The crypto environment undoubtedly holds massive potential, and not merely from the perspective of financial gains. More importantly, it’s pushing forward the adoption and evolution of usability of the underlining blockchain technology.

In this regard, it is not only individual top-performing assets that people are going all-in for, such as Bitcoin and a few other top cryptocurrencies with most market capitalization and promises for growth.

Recognizing the perks of blockchain technology, its robustness, reliability, and adaptability, more and more people are looking into spreading their investment and savings portfolio and choosing long-term consistency over high-risk-high-yield options.

We’ve seen this trend clearly in the increase of GetonGlobal and GetonTrading users. In just a matter of months, the Geton Ecosystem has seen a ten-fold growth of the userbase which speaks volumes of the public demand for passive income opportunities that Geton provides through staking.

Technology providing what institutions failed to

While the notion of universal basic income has been making its way to public discussions and decision-making halls for years, we’re still yet to see it come to fruition.

Instead, forward-thinking projects and technologists have put their mouths where their money is and developed working and tested models of providing people with basic universal income. With blockchain-based mechanisms such as cryptocurrency staking, referral matrix, and Dynamic Price Modelling Concept, Geton has been among the pioneers of offering passive income and continues to support an increasing number of users in their financial goals.

Thanks to the distributed ledger technology and cryptography, passive earning and self-sufficiency have thus been made available to any user regardless of their geographical, political, or financial environment. 

Wider choice, higher decentralization

Users around the world are recognizing the potential of blockchain technology and its role in their economic independence.

So while Bitcoin is indeed appealing from the perspective of current growth indexes, its high value could seem unattainable to many who are just dipping their toes in the crypto pool.

As more people are testing the waters and, considering the fact that the majority, especially of newcomers, is risk-averse, their attention is shifting also towards tested and reliable blockchain-based solutions that provide consistency and long-term gains.

Higher adoption boosts the development of the crypto and technology field at large. At the same time, more choice adds to the decentralization of both funds and users’ interests, which further reduces monopolization and provides ever better opportunities for end-users. And we’re expecting to see more of those in the years to come, with Geton adding its share to it.