February’s Announcement

} 5. Feb 2021 milankozlevcar

Geton Ecosystem’s mission is to provide a controlled environment for sustainable and passive incomes, based on tokenized shareholding. To achieve and realize this mission, we are aware that we need to invest a lot of goodwill and energy into educating, explaining, and practicing our new business model in the best possible direction.

We are planning the following steps and actions which are also involving your participation or at least being adequately informed to do adequate steps for your good.

  1. From Saturday, February 6th, 2021 we are opening SEPA transactions on Geton Trading, Premium Geton Trading, and Geton Global platforms.
  2. From Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 each swapping account will receive an equal amount (exchanged GROSH to EuroGROSH) every week according to trading activity from a particular platform.
  3. From Monday, February 15th, 2021 we will start the migration of Geton Trading, Premium Geton Trading, and Geton Global platforms into one, based on ambassadors structures. These structures will be isolated regarding staking or swapping realization what means that productive and good working structures will attract more interest to join and cooperate. 
  4. Until March 1st, 2021 date of the official launch Geton Academy, withdrawals of EuroGROSH on Geton Trading, Premium Geton Trading, and Geton Global will be limited but processed according to the system’s best possible capabilities.
  5. Transactions inside Geton Academy are processing normally and on time.
  6. For GetonHealth, PronWorld, LifeOnScreen, and PiplShare project we are developing a united interface focused on the better connection between payment processors, stores and tubes. All information and details about migration will be explained through, Geton Academy and our official channels.
We would really appreciate your support and understanding that at this moment and until February 28th, 2021 we need to focus on work and realization of promised actions. 


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