GetOn Blockchain Conference And Everything You Missed (But You Shouldn’t).

} 6. Jul 2020 Tina Marinič

Dear all, we are more than happy to announce that our third GetOn Blockchain Conference was an absolute success.

Day started with GROSSUS sparkling wine and continued with a greeting and presentation from our director and funder, beloved Milan Kozlevčar. Mr. Kozlevčar briefly presented us beginnings of a new era – GROSSUS Blockchain Solutins, marketing trend and life span of marketing from trains to cryptocurrencies.

He explained GetOn platform which is a safe place for startup projects and individual trading.

For the first time, a team behind GetOn support, development, PronWorld, PiplShare and LifeOnScreeen was also represented to the clients and visitors. We are honored by your support and belief in us and our work! After Mr. Kozlevčar Sandra Huzak took over the stage. She let us “into the mind of the leader”. Through workshop and fun exercises, we are confided to say we all developed virtuosos crucial for everyday life and work aspects.

At this point we would like to thank Hotel Union and its team for devoted support, understanding and fulfilled wishes. Let us not forget delicious dinner paired with Slovenian wine.

We certainly hope everyone stayed with us till dinner, as we promised a hefty surprise after.

Here we let phots speaks for itself.

Our day was perfectly wrapped up with one and only Petar Grašo. Our team winded up their minds as we saw bliss and cheerfulness on faces all around us.

We would like to thank each and everyone who helped us organize our conference. At the end, special thanks to all visitors, leaders and clients.


Your GetOn Team

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