Geton Ecosystem in Entrepreneur Europe

} 30. Dec 2020 Geton


What a way to wrap the year. The Geton Ecosystem and CEO Milan Kozlevčar appeared in the recent piece by the Entrepreneur magazine Europe edition, titled 4 Ways Besides Payment Processing Bitcoin Can Help Your Business Grow.

Within the first paragraph of the article, author Roberto Liccardo included our quote about Bitcoin being an inviting means of investment amidst the current crisis, taken from our blog post published at the beginning of the month.

It’s clear that the views of Geton and CEO Milan Kozlevčar resonate not just with the blockchain community, but make ripples in the entrepreneurial world at large.

In this insightful article, the author describes other benefits that Bitcoin has on the growth of businesses beyond being means of investment. It can help keep payment fees lower, support protection against fraud, allow companies to reach international clients and grow their media and brand awareness.

Clearly, we second all of it. But understanding that Bitcoin is the first application of the blockchain technology, an innovation that has revolutionized the world, we want to add that every point from the Entrepreneur’s article goes for blockchain in a broader sense, as well. And ultimately, for the Geton Ecosystem, too.

We truly appreciate the Entrepreneur’s mention of the Geton Ecosystem in their article and believe that as more companies look into new ways blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help them grow, the more they will hear about Geton.

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