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Cryptocurrency evolution and their penetration into our everyday life, are calling to design a transparent and comprehensive ecosystem, where their creators, holders, and users are guided and protected from traps of speculation which is happening inside an ungoverned environment – based solely on a “crowd behavior psychology”. In business activities, cycles are a well-understood concept commonly linked with technological innovations, which are often triggering a phase of investment and new opportunities in terms of market and employment. The outcome is an economic expansion, and as the technology matures and markets become saturated, expansion slows down.

Bubbles (financial manias) unfold in several stages, an observation that is backed up by 500 years of economic history. Each mania is obviously different, but there are always similarities; simplistically & four main phases, presented through the following graph.

bubble graph

Bubble graph – showing the “crowd behavior psychology” related to “unregulated” environment

(by: Jean-Paul Rodrigue)

Cryptocurrency price, its market capitalization, and evolution are possible to be regulated by development stage of supported business, its usability and community acceptance, and also everybody included can have benefited from this in terms of universal passive income, presented by a model of sustainability.


Geton is a community-based ecosystem, build on the Ethereum

Approach through a model for sustainability, Geton Ecosystem is built on startup idea dedicated cryptocurrencies, business logical development stages, and Dynamic Price Modeling Concept. The Market capitalization (price x circulating supply) depends only on project acceptance by users & the community.

The project development concept actually rewards its InstantBeta users with dedicated cryptocurrency where rewarding parameters are adjustable according to project-specific demands, but preferably DPMC is rewarding newly registered users and their actions which contributes to acquiring additional market share.


Creativity and what it has to do with Geton Ecosystem?

When speaking about creativity, I will address and connect my intention to approach from Dr. Edward de Bono, commonly called also the “father of lateral thinking”, which is strongly connected with the term “creativity” and Geton Ecosystem is strongly guided through such approach, hence traditional step-by-step logic often wakens up a kind of deny or revolt from the public. 

To act “creative” it is not about thinking, for example: “how to design a chair with three legs – instead of the chair with four legs” – because the purpose is the same, creativity is how to achieve the “same” result through design, humor and “lateral” approach, through a different thought pattern that initially was not obvious, because the creator was not able (or want) to see additional possibilities, being deliberately distanced from the standard perception of creativity as “vertical” logic, the classic method for problem-solving.” (Source:

Geton is incorporating a new, scientific concept of sustainable business model of understanding & using cryptocurrencies in everyday life.


Why Geton ecosystem is striving to be a sustainable economy business model?

Because that is a must, it is a logical stage of economic evolution!

Through human evolution “economy” expanded the emphasis of economics, which comes from the Greek “oikos” (meaning “home”) and “nomos” (meaning “law” or “order”). It did not happen by itself, but through several development stages, approaches, theories&practices and today we can address this area by the term “political economy” (Not to be confused with Economic policy). 


The cryptocurrency world has developed and is here just today, not without a reason and not because of anything else, but just because it is possible and the human race is willing to adopt this idea, we may say, that has a need to adopt cryptocurrencies into life.

Initially, Bitcoin was created as an answer to a recession by end of the first decade of 21. century. A documentary movie Banking on Bitcoin (2016), can give all of us a much deeper understanding of basics and also enhance our understanding of a totality, possible future, and what we can expect from this revolution.


The idea of a startup environment

We can define a “startup” as “a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. By its nature, the typical startup tends to be a shoestring operation, with initial funding from the founders or their friends and families.”

Further “a startup culture” is “a workplace environment that values creative problem solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy. … In startup cultures, these core values tend to reflect the personalities and ethos of the people who worked for the business in the early days.”


“J-curve” – logical development if the innovative business idea to reach global dimension – through a time & effect perspective



In general, crowdfunding platforms are internet websites that provide a way for a large number of people (the crowd) to provide money in small increments (the funds) in support of a person, project, or entity. Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo attract hundreds of thousands of people hoping to invest in the “next big thing”.

On the other side, the emergence of crowdfunding models, social apps, and models enabling individuals to express an innovative business idea through a more personal approach “pitch”, is slowly but surely (based on common sense and industry trends) shifting the crowdfunding industry into something where transactions are permanent and visible, with encryption technology and protocols effectively replacing third-party intermediaries – so-called a “trustless trust,” since no trust is required between transaction participants. 


Use blockchain (transparency & privacy) implement tokenization (monetization) and deploy smart contracts (trustless trust) and new possibilities arise.


New crowdfunding business model – blockchain

Crowdfunding with blockchain innovation has made more straightforwardness and responsibility in the framework.

How did blockchain comprehend these issues?

Smart contracts are agreements that give a way to keep the assets bonded. It discredits the likelihood of organizations abusing capital for purposes other than what was expressed. It additionally guarantees that assets are moved back to the financer if the organization is unable to convey its guarantees.

What are basic blockchain crowdfunding platform models?
  1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 
  2. Security Token Offering (STO)
  3. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Crowdfunding has opened up roads for organizations hoping to raise assets and at the same time empowers retail and institutional financial specialists alike to add to the reason. Blockchain innovation has demonstrated to be the foundation of a noteworthy segment of the advances towards a precise and higher standard of business. 



Geton in the global crowdfunding area?

The explanation is focused solely on InstantBeta founding – consequently connected, but separated from Geton’s concept of cryptocurrency distribution following the DPMC algorithm. Cryptocurrency trading and transfers between ecosystem users, but also cryptocurrency flow from InstantBeta business development supply does not represent crowdfunding activities.

Geton is a new brand in the global crowdfunding space – and is exposed to several risks and challenges.

The risk lies in making a product that offers everything and nothing. With so much competition out there, a new player should avoid focusing only on technical solutions, but provide a seamless and user-friendly crowdfunding environment that enables users to:

  1.  Promote end enriching initial business ideas with tools and helpers.
  2. Transparently and immutable simulate initial business ideas with real user experience.
  3. Provide encryption technology and protocols to effectively replace third-party intermediaries.
  4. Offer (demonstrate) to the target community a proof of concept with the profitable token model.

The InstantBeta crowdfunding inside Geton Ecosystem is organized through selling a dedicated cryptocurrency on the InstantBeta platform to users who sign-up through “project referral link” and get an account (wallet) in GetonGlobal – in case of GETON Coin supported InstantBeta, or in another “project dedicated” interface – ShareworkingCommunity in a case of PiplShare, which is supported by PiplCoin.

Preferably users are signing up through existing users’ referral links, hence InstantBeta direct registration should be agreed upon by users, to avoid a concussion inside the community.

All funds collected through InstantBeta crowdfunding are transparently shown on blockchain and can be used only for project development purposes and its shareholder rewards.


Geton ecosystem vital parts and their correlation

Blockchain – Geton Ecosystem is based on Ethereum blockchain. Users are entering (sending cryptocurrencies into the ecosystem) and exiting (sending cryptocurrencies out of the ecosystem) through GetonNetwork, Ethereum private blockchain, using their wallets.

Dedicated cryptocurrencies – each used inside Geton Ecosystem has a specific purpose and is used to support a specific project or more projects. This is arranged through InstantBeta platform, for which users can manage and control activities inside common interfaces.

InstantBeta is a working platform, with functionalities for which is expected that will promote the business idea and offer adequate user experience for project evolution.

DPMC – Dynamic Price Modeling Concept is Geton’s unique algorithm, through which cryptocurrency market capitalization is achieved, following the InstantBeta development stages.

TSPE – Token Sale Practise exercise is also a controlled mechanism that helps users to sell their cryptocurrencies for purchased value plus receive the same value of that cryptocurrency when the stake is completed.

DAO voting mechanism enables the community to democratically decide (vote) about important steps and upgrades of a particular or total ecosystem. Voting is based on GROSH cryptocurrency, which was created through the mining process and has a deflationary model – its circulating supply is decreasing according to set parameters.



In general, people are buying cryptocurrency because of three basic intentions and expectations:

  1. To invest and expect that the value of such asset will increase in a period of time and later sell such asset. The biggest concern or challenge at this is the liquidity of the dedicated cryptocurrency.
  2. To use cryptocurrency as the transfer medium, because blockchain technology enables fast and affordable transactions if we are comparing them with conventional transfer methods.
  3. To trade on a regular basis and try to sell dedicated cryptocurrency at a higher price than it was bought. This is happening at web-based places, commonly called cryptocurrency exchanges.


Trading with cryptocurrencies on a global exchange

The main feature or principle at exchange trading is “order book”. Within the order book, users can freely set the “buy” price of cryptocurrency and set (reserve) their purchase balance to “buy order” or “sell order”, where the user freely set “sell” price and again set (reserve) chosen amount of possessed cryptocurrency into that order. Both orders can be canceled if the user changes his/her intention.

According to realization, that means if sell and buy orders “come together,” that is when sell order has the same value then buy order, trading happens and that is always the actual price of dedicated cryptocurrency which is shown public and also official for the particular exchange.

When we are discussing cryptocurrencies, we should carefully consider about next important parameters: purpose, creation process, supplies distribution, price settlement, expected evolution of chosen cryptocurrency.


Supplies and their distribution

Cryptocurrency’s behavior depends on human nature, preferably expectations, emotional and also rational, but mainly on  “crowd behavior psychology“. It is true, Bitcoin has already achieved strong worldwide acceptance and use, whereas its stability still depends on the holder’s will. We already mention that people are buying cryptocurrencies because of 3 basic intentions (1. As an investment – buy and later sell per higher price; 2. As a transfer medium; 3. Trading on a short period). Regarding liquidity & price stability is a very simple premise – if and when the majority of holders will not sell per lower price like it is the current price, all newcomers will keep buying per that or even higher price – because the demand will be higher than is supply. In the case of Bitcoin, we can conclude: “When a big majority of Bitcoin (more than 90%) will be held by institutional or only a few holders, the minority of holders will have less and less possibility to lower the price because sellers will not anymore re-act to demands from buyers, which want to buy by a lower price than is current. Here appears the question of motivation and priorities which “big players” have regarding the Bitcoin revolution and opportunity.

Is majority of Bitcoin held by only a few holders or we can expect a repetition of economic bubbles?

What part of all Bitcoins are really in circulation, how many “losted” and how the “crowd” will understand the media?


Bitcoin historical chart (similarity with a bubble graph)



How the cryptocurrency’s supplies are managed inside the Geton ecosystem?

To understand a cryptocurrency supply structure, we can relate on a CoinMarketCap approach and terminology:

    • Max Supply – the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.
    • Total Supply is the total amount of coins in existence right now, minus any coins that have been verifiably burned.
    • Circulating Supply – the best approximation of the number of coins that are circulating in the market and in the general public’s hands.

When creating a cryptocurrency we can not and SHOULD not have in mind that we simply have created “own” currency and now the Global community will just buy it from us – it is naive, it is wrong and it must be avoided by implementing good working practices, related on particular principles and norms. Everyone who participates in this new era of understanding blockchain-based sustainability in a creative way needs to bring a solution and good working practices to so-create a new behavior culture that is so important for our common future and higher quality of life for all included.

Geton’s protocol for cryptocurrency supply distribution

At Geton, we set the following cryptocurrency supply distribution standards:

  1. When creating a cryptocurrency at Geton, it is obligate that a particular cryptocurrency is related (integrated) into a project of global dimension – a platform where users are using functionalities related to project nature (real-estate, freelancing, watching movies, buying products,…) through InstantBeta and the cryptocurrency maximum supply is flowing into circulating supply according to their actions – which contribute solely to project expanding, growth and acquiring market share.
  2. In the beginning, we set the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept for a particular cryptocurrency, related to the supported project which will operate in terms of InstantBeta. At that moment, according to the target cryptocurrency (and also project) market capitalization, we set the maximum supply and a final price to achieve a goal. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the actual cryptocurrency price with the actual circulating supply.
  3. Cryptocurrency is flowing from the maximum supply (we are calling it Business Development Supply -BDS) into circulating supply YUST and according to actions which users are doing inside InstantBeta platform – hence attraction and usability of that platform are creating intensity and volume of flow, of actual cryptocurrency usability and also market capitalization. If the InstantBeta platform is not attractive enough, the evolution of supportive cryptocurrency stops.
  4. Cryptocurrency holders and InstantBeta users are not alone in this process, because Geton Ecosystem is providing several additional tools to guide and support the development:
    • Token Sale Practise Excercise (TSPE) is a unique tool, where cryptocurrency buyer creates a “buy” order but at the same time initiate a “sell” order from its referral. When the TSPE stake is completed, the buyer receives the purchase amount of stake value back plus has purchase value in cryptocurrency. According to the price change, based on the DPMC algorithm, for the period of completing TSPE stake, the system deducts (buy-back) a proportional amount of staked cryptocurrency – to keep the initial value and transfer it into InstantBeta liquidity pool, from where the project is managing the development and liquidity. Actual cryptocurrency supplies are transparently presented on the cryptocurrency landing page.
    • Cryptocurrency transfer out or into the Geton Ecosystem means that each registered user can transfer from/to any Ethereum based wallet, and at the same time solely manage amounts of cryptocurrency in his/her wallet – without Geton’s right to do it, because just the user has access and private key for own wallet – following the general practices and standards for such actions.
    • Trading on global exchange(s) – we at Geton are working on global access and participation, hence doing our best to list hosted cryptocurrencies to more and more external exchanges, but also to provide global trading in our own, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Now we can understand, that supply, especially circulating supply distribution is one of the most important and vital parts when using cryptocurrencies.

  1. At Geton, each unit of cryptocurrency starts circulating just upon community action on InstantBeta. We can not increase the volume “manually”.
  2. Further, and also important truth is, that the ecosystem is actually “buying” cryptocurrencies from holders (through TSPE stake), and by this limiting the circulating supply to keep its price and liquidity as much as possible stable, but at the same time releasing exactly such amount of cryptocurrency to circulating supply, like InstantBeta development stage is requesting.

Through these two measures, also intensive flow from the external market – where cryptocurrency has “by a rule” lower price than inside ecosystem, we are challenging InstantBeta team to provide more and more advanced solutions which are increasing the usability of supportive cryptocurrency.

All these measures are in the common world of cryptocurrencies not available (yet).


Ecosystem growth and development

The ecosystem is and will develop based on users’ participation. All ecosystem cryptocurrencies are also listed on a global exchange(s) hence users and cryptocurrency holders have every day new possibilities, also challenges to be involved in global cryptocurrency acceptance and use.

Because Geton Ecosystem is introducing several unique functionalities, we can expect, that is an important entity in the area of common education, development, and also understanding of this new, fast-evolving idea.



Explained and presented business model has a real and grounded possibility to become a new, sustainable business model.