Geton is a “PONZI” scheme

} 17. Sep 2021 milankozlevcar

“Today is exactly one year from GetonGlobal official launch, and I would like to attract a piece of the most precious present to myself, a gift of the community attention!  Let’s read the text, and it will become evident.”

Milan Kozlevcar, founder


Geton is a “Ponzi”

“Ponzi” schemes promise high financial returns or dividends not available through traditional investments. Instead of investing the funds of victims, however, the con artist pays “dividends” to initial investors using the funds of subsequent investors.


Who is Milan Kozlevcar, and what is his vision?

In this article, I will speak about my vision and my involvement in the Geton Startup Ecosystem. If anyone wishes, we can talk about other aspects of my life somewhere else, because what has nothing to do with this topic, not have a place in this article – I will insist, and you need to accept that. 

I started with the idea of a startup ecosystem already in 2008. The practices I was able to find inside available environments intended to support innovation and business development, creativity seems to me that such environments are without core purpose. Either a Technology park or a Business accelerator, you, like a guest, must often put the institution’s interests in front of your innovation to enter and develop an innovative idea. Later, your creative idea can be supported – if not even misunderstood. And there are also intellectual property rights protection practices – all first connected with expenses and complicated procedures.

I worked as a freelance technical translator for several years. My daily activities as a freelancer, new (different from usual) approach to finding and doing my job, new communication tools, and fast-expanding of social networking have motivated me to explore further. I connect my technical nature and knowledge with some discoveries about human nature, preferably was inspired by Dr. Edward de Bono and his “creative thinking.” Additionally, I have become familiar with blockchain technology. I got an idea to develop an environment for freelancers — where freelancers could overcome their main concerns. About promotion, transfers, passive earnings, and profile validation, also protection of intellectual property.

Based on such experience, I started using a “J-curve” graph to support and follow the logical development stages. Knowing something about the development and use of cryptocurrencies was a great advantage. I realize that we are not using them as we could and that cryptocurrencies have much more potential than just being a speculative instrument. My critical mind – often a controversial opinion than the majority. My clear view is where our World is going with all brainwashing media manipulation. Seeing how the population is becoming dependent by the need to spend more and on the other way to think less logical and become more and more dependent form big players – life in a mission for mass destruction – to be a good consumer and at the end to live and die fast. No creativity, no critical mind, using technologies for ego-marketing and not as an advantage to improve the quality of life for the community, not in the way of sustainability and promotion of prosperity and good human relations.

And that was the moment where I planted the Geton Startup Ecosystem. With the support from my friend and big expert from the cryptocurrency world, I created and deployed a PiplCoin cryptocurrency – intended to support a freelancing platform, PiplShare. Yes, there was a successful ICO process with PiplCoin. After a short period, almost all ICO backers have decided to sell PiplCoin back to me. Thanks to the situation with Bitcoin, I was able to buy almost all PiplCoin back for the double price than they were bought from backers in ICO. Some backers used their advantages and sold PiplCoin on the global market – some investors have also bought it there. I was able to get a lot of good experiences from that period.

During the PiplShare development, many people with the idea of project tokenization have visited my office, and we also create several business partnerships:

  • PronWorld with PronCoin,
  • Socrates Coin,
  • CarbCoin,
  • CanabioToken,
  • CBDX,

….and several others, for which I hope we will be able to continue a development process inside our Startup ecosystem further. Based on that experience, I have become even more aware that providing an environment where innovative business ideas supported by cryptocurrencies should occur. The environment, dedicated to the controlled and transparent use of cryptocurrencies.

During the partnership with a SocratesCoin and Nauka team, the cryptocurrency community has started sharing harmful and speculative news about myself, my involvement, and my integrity. You may check the Reddit article, written on fake speculation and manipulating with facts. Today, after a period I would like to know if there was anybody harmed from myself or my involvement. 

Why was my accusation – because some people have appeared together with me on whitepapers, social media, or development teams? On the other side, who am I to condemn anyone? Who are the anonymous people on the “internet”? Often motivated with a “solution” to get paid for their “quietness”. People who take the right to judge, harm other people’s lives and careers – this is going to human perception even faster than we can imagine – and how to defend yourself? Showing the attention and response is adding even more fuel to that fire. How long can you hold that, and how to defend? I decided to continue my work, develop my ideas honestly, fairly, and transparently, and not even reply to those speculations.

And the Geton environment was more and more open and ready to use – no matter it will always be exposed to develop many of constructive parts further are finished and will stay unchanged forever.


And how is it working?

Geton Startup Ecosystem’s mission is to constantly improve and develop an environment where innovative cryptocurrency-based business models will get adequate support for growing and expanding. Models where people’s everyday activities, like employment, education, shopping, traveling, entertaining, etc., will effectively use the advantages of new technologies and bring an overall better quality of life to all included.

Today’s World of cryptocurrencies has many friction, intermediaries, misunderstanding, speculation, and general barriers. We face a dangerous, speculative, and harmful environment, where the minority has many tools to take advantage of mass behavior and misunderstanding. The sustainable business model advantages are the opposite of that. But even they can exist and become adopted by the population through acquiring new knowledge, changing ethos, and adopting effective, fair everyday practices. Cryptocurrencies themselves are not guilty or to be blamed for chaos and losses. A correct conclusion is that today’s World does not have a good and safe environment for using cryptocurrency safely and is more speculative than favorable. 

We believe that the modern community deserves and can actively co-create a more innovative business environment of sustainable practices to adopt new knowledge about unrevealed possibilities and common satisfaction.

When speaking about cryptocurrencies, users are buying and selling cryptocurrencies between each other. Because the ecosystem is expanding by the referral link invitation, it is also a structure of community-based that protocol. That means that if someone invites you, that person is your first source of information and knowledge and eligible to earn some percentages from your activities because of mentoring you. When considering TSPE stake, you are also buying cryptocurrency from your mentor and closing their TSPE stake if available, but this is not a need or an obligation. What is important is that users are selling and buying cryptocurrencies between them. Geton is offering an environment for them – many of the activities are happening directly on the Ethereum mainnet, and Geton is just charging fees for some operations. 

You, our respectable reader, are asked what this is a “PONZI” scheme or a “SCAM”?

My straight answer to that is: “A person, who takes a right and speaks that way, is a real “SCAMMER,” and you are his victim and immediately need to realize the truth and to protect yourself from being exposed. Even more.”

Because today’s people are so hungry for fake news and rather believe bad news than use a piece of common sense and make a logical conclusion. To those respectable individuals who were and are still defending my and our common idea, I owe the biggest respect and gratefulness – not for protecting me and the idea, but because they all deserve the biggest respect and glory, because of their feeling and empathy. Because of care for all our humanity, defending something vital for a human race, and without that, we will collapse.

All our community has a very painful and dangerous experience. Last year some users have created Gx wallets in Geton Global – being invited with a referral link and following the referral line. With all passion and intention to get some money (184 k EUR) as compensation to stop with publishing “real fake news” or at least constructs, a person Mehdi Ravan has registered a Gx wallet in a Geton Global platform. Following the history now we know that Mehdi and his colleague Khalid received more than 100 k GROSH Coins from Geton Global user and Ambassador Kari Wahlroos. But they did not pay for that tokens, not even a cent. We are still investigating the promise which they get – the unconfirmed and non-official truth about the promise is that they will get 10% from all token sales which they will generate inside their structure – Not known from who and to which? Obviously a totally wrong understanding or reporting how the Geton ecosystem is working! Nothing of that has ever happened. But we all know what has happened, and all the Geton community was harmed and still has a lot of damage – and treats and blackmailing continue – also today.

Based on that relationship, on November 18th, 2020 Mehdi Ravan has created a Whatsapp group called “GETON SCAM ALERT”.

This is a brief record of activities and violations from that source:

Even more harmful and important is that Mehdi Ravan has reported to me that he did all activities to close a bank account of GETON d.o.o. company at LON d.d. bank and by that disables us to continue a good working practice – completely transparent and legal activities, with all requested procedures which LON bank has asked form us. Why? Because I did not give 194.000 EUR to Mehdi and Khalid as they requested to “move away.” 

I met with Mehdi in Dubai and tried to speak with him and to convince him to stop with such activities, to realize that it is not good, not fair, and harmful – asked him to stop with such behavior. During the conversation, I realized that he also did possible activities regarding Revolut bank, which closed Geton’s bank account without any explanation. Even if it is not direct proof, banks will probably not reveal the details, but Geton d.o.o. never did anything against the agreement with the bank. All harmful activities, all fake news, produced by such people just contributed to a false and bad reputation of Geton name. 

The same background also applies to the following: 


Kari Wahlroos was appointed as Geton Global ambassador. He and Jonas Ohlen, as CNO were presenting Geton’s idea to the community from September 2020. The history of anyone has nothing to do with activities inside Geton because they need to apply only to a piece of good knowledge and understanding how Geton Startup Ecosystem is working. 

And today, one year after the conference in Antalya, I do not see any of those people to present and to be able or willing to explain how Geton Ecosystem is working and was working. I also do not see anyone speaking about the experience with Kari Wahlroos with his other projects to be a part of the Geton Startup Ecosystem. But I can read and see many posts, inpatient and harmful writings about my closest people and me. 

I see how simple not just a regular people are following fake news, interpretations from some “prophets” who are not familiar and do not know the truth about Geton and absolutely cannot use it correctly and are even less capable of explaining the features further. That “prophets” are hiding behind the “fake image” of protectors, people who have a mission to fight for the rights of “cheated” Geton users – but please be aware exactly that people are cheating you and using you to create such huge fake news, that even a media and not just them, also government authorities are believing that “fake” is a piece of “real” news. Even many Slovenian lawyers were manipulated by fake news and opened a court case against Geton and me. Also, a Slovenian Police office is getting involved in several procedures. What is most sad is that there are numerous violent and dead treats to me because people believe I cheated the community, stole the money, and ran away! For God’s sake, which money if cryptocurrency owners were always buying and selling to/from each other. Is there anyone who did not receive an income from cryptocurrency sales? 

Yes, I am today far away from my home, and I am working like crazy each day to prove and show the truth to all communities and the World. I am also worried about my life and why I am writing this? Because that and similar situations, created by greedy and bad people are the cancer of our modern world! When an individual or a group is violating the power of media, using fake news for blackmailing and exposing someone, explaining their intentions in a harmful and humiliating way! Today it is happening to me; tomorrow, there will be another one, exposed and without possibility or power to defend – and violators are living between us. They are freely moving around, hiding, and searching for another victim to blackmail. Why do Mehdi Ravan and Khalid not care about the community if they get their requested sum paid? What will they say to collaborators who have exposed and help them at creating a fake public opinion – Monika, Daniel, and others, which they have used to create a situation which is easy to believe. All media that have followed their interpretations will be able to repair the damage, even banks, which have their policy, there is no turning back activity. And most importantly, who will compensate for all damage to the community that followed the fake news and become a victim of scammers and blackmailers?

For Geton Startup Ecosystem Milan is still insisting on primary ideas and solutions. Thanks to God, I am still alive, and I am very close to the development of functionalities where Geton Startup Ecosystem users will be able to use Ethereum wallet independently.

Why, two days ago, I received another treat from Mehdi Ravan, who is now attacking our partner Coinbase with fake news and the Coinbase is supporting transactions in BTC in ETH for Geton.

And what is the ugliest, a few hours after Mehdi’s threatening, there appears someone from the UK, who is saying that he will bring peace and mediation! 




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