Geton Startup Ecosystem stabilization protocol

} 5. May 2021 milankozlevcar

Geton Startup Ecosystem stabilization protocol.

Following the development process and Geton Startup Ecosystem evolution, we came to the stage to implement tools for higher liquidity inside the community and to provide a higher-level user experience in the scope of implementation projects from everyday life with listed cryptocurrencies. We are also implementing additional security functions.

According to the above vision, we are presenting the following measures:
1. EuroGROSH which was in circulation inside GetonGlobal, GetonTrading, PremiumGetonTrading, GetonExchange, GetonVip, and all project matrixes has been ob 03.05.2021 swapped into TSPEGROSH and its monetization is possible by adding to new TSPE stake like leverage. Outcomes from that stakes will be in liquid EuroGROSH. (more ….)

2. Platforms GetonTrading, PremiumGetonTrading, GetonExchange, GetonVip, and all project matrixes will operate until August 31. 2021. Until then new registrations and all existing functionalities except Transfer balance to GetonGlobal will be disabled.

3. GetonAcademy and ShareworkingCommunity TSPE stake will operate from May 31. 2021 with the same functionalities as GetonGlobal TSPE stake is offering.

4. GetonEstate will present “listing fee” functionality, where users will be eligible to collect fees from users, which have subscribed by their referral link. 

5. Cryptocurrencies PiplCoin, PronCoin, GETON Coin, and GROSH Coin are listed on Bitcratic exchange.

6. GetonGlobal users will have the possibility to connect their Gx wallet address with the Ethereum address and enable transactions in and out of GetonGlobal.

7. GetonExchange will be upgraded into a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

For updates and development progress, please follow GetonNews – System updates.

Ljubljana, 05.05.2021. 



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