GetonGlobal is expanding to Asia-Pacific region

} 3. Sep 2020 milankozlevcar

Dear GetonGlobal community!

The past few days of important business meetings in Turkey were busy but well worth it. They have paved the path towards close cooperation with a living legend of marketing and business development, Mr Kari Wahlroos.

Mr Wahlroos is entering the GetonGlobal world through his own investment. He already bought the first line of the leaders’ position in the matrix, which means that all newly subscribed members will enjoy guidance and support from the master himself.

The Geton Development Team ( is off towards the most creative development period so far. The world will be a better place when innovative startups and their backers have the opportunity to earn their worth in a fully transparent digital and independent ecosystem of equal opportunities

Join our new and unique unilevel referral plan and participate in the growth of the market cap of hosted blockchain companies.

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Best regards,

Milan Kozlevčar
CEO and Founder

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