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} 27. Oct 2020 Geton


Geton is all about growth and stability. Soon, we’re adding a new product to the Geton ecosystem, an asset with naturally stable value.

GetonGold is about to launch.


Gold, the asset of the future

Gold is an extremely valuable natural resource, not only for its market price but also for its scarcity. Throughout history, it has retained its value much better than any human-made currency ever did.

In these turbulent times, its value stability is attracting both big and small investors to buy more of it and prevent the devaluation of their capital.

And with GetonGold, you’ll be able to do the same.


Gold on blockchain

GetonGold pairs the benefits of investing in gold and the perks of the blockchain technology.

It gathers enterprises that work with the most reputable suppliers of gold around the world and sell gold to individuals and small investors.

To ensure the highest level of transaction safety and traceability, GetonGold relies on blockchain technology and provides tokenization opportunity for involved businesses.


How does it work?

Gold suppliers who want to become official GetonGold vendors submit their application on the website. Our expert team will thoroughly check all received applications, contact the vendors and accept only the most suitable ones.

Once approved, they can start selling gold of various weights on the GetonGold website to our global audience of customers.

To make a purchase of gold or invest in gold-based products, users must register on the website and create a profile. And, as a welcome gift, every new user receives a reward, a 100% refund of their purchase in the form of GETON tokens.


Fully compliant and stability-oriented

The GetonGold platform is live and in the process of listing vendors. It will list only products offered by sellers that comply with strict regulations and hold all necessary licences to trade with gold.

Only with the best suppliers on the market and guaranteed transparency, we’ll be able to reach our aim – to create the go-to platform for buying and trading with gold, supported by the blockchain technology.

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