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} 28. Jun 2020 Tina Marinič

“a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”
– The National Wellness Institute

Wellness is one of the fastest growing industry. The global wellness economy was worth $4.5 trillion market in 2018, so we can safely estimate is worth around $5 trillion in 2020.

But lets talk about real life. Wellness and well-being are more and more recognized as essential aspect in our everyday life to achieve our full potentials. In order to work, spend time with our family and friends, exercise and enjoy life we have to be healthy. Wellness is not a medicine but it can be an effective approach to minimize occurrence of the disease.  Understanding and performing wellness varies from people to people. For some is fitness, joga, nature, for others could be food, experiences or spending time with loved ones. But studies show that 50% of Americans and 20 % of European residents use at least one nutrition supplements. There are millions of companies offering us the best supplements for healthier, longer, and prosperous life. (Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss supplements were worth $702 billion in 2017 only.)

GetOnHealth story is all about wellness for individuals. Offering nutrition supplements, anti-aging and skin care products and products for weight loss, we are absolutely sure everyone will find something for themselves.

But how to offer the best range of products, something clients really desire? How can we motivate them to participate in decision making process of choosing assortment and purchasing in?

We incorporated blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies.

Our devoted teams of wellness experts chose the first range of products in different areas. Each new client gets a reward by signing in and get a 100% refund in GETON tokens after his/her purchases. He/she get a new reward after rating it. With the help of ratings our team will know which products are worth staying on a site and which are not. This is how clients will actively participate in choosing which products they want to see on a site. Also, have we mentioned a website without unwanted adds?

We are not stopping here. Our site will be open to any wholesale company complying with EU Regulations.

We are unlike any other wellness company or e-store, primely because our devoted clients will be rewarded for their participating on the platform and choosing what they would like to see and buy.

Join us and bring wellness into your home.

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