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} 13. Nov 2020 Geton

There are lots of misleading stories circulating online during the pandemic, but this is not a recent phenomenon. Fake news has been around since ever, and the only thing that changed is the channels that they work upon. Today, fake websites and accounts can mimic your online identity or that of your brand or company.
There are a few warning signs about some information that is too ‘wow’ to be true, in other words, is fake:
  • The post invites you to URLs that are not transparent
  • The authorship and/or source are not clear
  • The website you start to visit may try to confuse you, and may not be the site you meant to visit.
At Geton Investments, we try to keep our ecosystem away from such murky matters, so here is a reminder of our official sources where you can inform yourself, keep up to date with our latest news and also get in touch with our team, if necessary:

All these channels will be recognizable by the Geton Official Source badge.


Learn more about how seriously we take this issue in our video with Geton CEO, Milan Kozlevčar.



As always, stay alert and, for your benefit, follow only official Geton channels.



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