How to start a business with Geton?

} 10. Nov 2020 Geton


The path towards business success is full of challenges and trials, and even the best of ideas have a hard time proving their worth without proper support from the market and the business ecosystem.

Luckily, there is a better and more stable way for companies with great potential to harness the advantages of a growing network and the perks of the latest technology.


Why should you start a business with Geton?

Introducing an innovative business idea to the market leveraging strong backing from the community comes with obvious benefits.

  • The business development passes all stages – from an idea through proof of concept and to a successfully operating startup company.
  • The project’s token price is regulated according to its development stage and doesn’t rely on market fluctuations.
  • The company and the team are closely connected to stakeholders and backers.
  • Companies selling to selected buyers and buyers purchasing from selected sellers means fewer intermediaries and fewer obstacles in the evolution of a business.


Some of Geton blockchain corporations leveraging asset tokenization and community backing.


So, how to start a business with Geton?

Before reaching our extensive Geton audience, every project must pass the necessary steps to ensure the highest level of product quality and business integrity.

  1. A company or individual presents their business idea with the potential of global reach to the Geton board.
  2. The Geton board of business directors inspects the idea and its potential.
  3. After, the Geton community has their say in deciding whether the idea has potential or not.
  4. Once the community approves it, too, a blockchain corporation is established.
  5. The company assets are tokenized on the blockchain.
  6. The company gets listed on Geton.Instant Beta.
  7. Geton users back the project through Company Prospectus.
  8. The company follows a path of the necessary stages to ensure continuous and sustainable growth with positive returns for backers and investors.

The whole setup process is straightforward and convenient so companies can focus on doing business while the market decides on its worth.


The roadmap to success

If a project goes through the necessary stages of development, its success is guaranteed.

  • The more tokens get distributed, the higher the token price rises.
  • Higher token price attracts more users to the platform.
  • With more users joining the project, the platform increases in value.
  • Further distribution of tokens boosts the token price.
  • Once the tokens are distributed, the platform is owned by backers and self-powered by the blockchain technology.


DPMC, guarantee for growth

Dynamic Price Modeling Concept (DPMC) is a unique feature of Geton. On the one hand, it allows the founders of innovative business ideas to tokenize their business and turn it into a successful company. On the other, it brings an influx of new investors of all capacities to participate in a company’s success without any organizational restrictions.

With DPMC, the price change of a crypto token is calculated with the natural logarithm. This way, the intensity of change (growth) is influenced only by the amount of the market share of the supported project and never by market speculation, hype or irrational price movements.

DPMC thus remains the core mechanism that guarantees the development of a promising business idea of global reach into a successful company. 

Learn more about DPMC >>


Technology, community, and support for best results

Geton believes in innovative startups and the power of their backers. For that, they should earn their worth within a fully transparent, digital and independent ecosystem of equal opportunities.

To date, numerous companies have recognized the potential of crowd-funding, blockchain technology and backing of hundreds of thousands of Geton investors.

Leverage the Geton business ecosystem and the technology running next-era opportunities.

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