International transactions

} 16. Nov 2020 Geton

Important announcement.

Today, on November 16th the LON bank, d. d. which is GETON’s business bank, has informed us that they are stopping with processing International transactions – both, deposits and withdrawals.

This means we cannot accept deposits or execute withdrawals via international wire transfer.
If you deposit any funds via international wire transfer the funds will not reach us and will be automatically refunded to your bank account. In case you don’t receive the refund, you should contact your bank.

If you planned to make a deposit/withdrawal via international bank transfer, we kindly ask you to change the method of payment.

If you have already made your deposit via BTC or SEPA, consider this email irrelevant. (You can check if your country is a part of the SEPA region here.)

All Geton users who already made an international deposit or requested withdrawal of funds will be addressed individually.
For any details, please contact our officers through support and we will do our best to support you and continue our good cooperation.


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