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} 1. Feb 2020 milankozlevcar is an experimental MediaPlatform, designed to combine best features of cryptocurrencies with the media industry, providing information from the area of decentralized finance, fin-tech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and connected trading operations. The platform is structured as a private blockchain and active node of the GROSSUS public blockchain environment with a staking algorithm.

CryptoBoard’s Vision to alter media industry business model

With blockchain technology, we can reverse these roles in the media business model by allowing media creators and readers to co-create appealing relevant content and drive revenue streams. This new business model actually connects media owners with advertisers, authors, and readers at the same time in a slightly different way. In addition, they are all rewarded for activities whereby new motivation brings a higher quality of the content and secures readers’ growth that is consequently going to generate a higher revenue stream.

Token stakeholders are rewarded from token value growth, authors are rewarded for their estimated reader’s satisfaction, and finally, readers in return, get rewarded for evaluating contributions actively. Because of an incentive system in place, rewards will depend on the received score which will motivate authors to make every effort in order to create an attractive title, contribute interesting, clear, fluent and well written appealing content.

Our business model represents tokenized commercial ownership of a business idea – a media platform. We are convinced that there is a great need for relevant and understandable information on cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance and blockchain technology, FinTech and digitization and such information can be delivered only if we include all parties. Even though interest in crypto declined in the last year and a half due to the cryptocurrency market situation truth is that interest of investors is always linked to market fluctuations, and it can understand that interest will increase proportionally as the exchange rates wingsup. In addition, blockchain technology, digitization, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IOT), and technologies that are undoubtedly coming and entering our daily lives, have been very intensively explored by regulators such as states, central banks, etc. By announcing the introduction of their very digital currencies (CBDCs) one after the other. We all will almost certainly be forced to use innovative solutions related to blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and Fintech: such as the use of wallets actually introduced by blockchain, etc. All of which will bring and represent huge changes in our daily lives.

This is important to us because, irrespective of the final form of a solution, the need for relevant information and education in this field will certainly increase. Since our focus is information in an understandable way in the local language, we can count on platform visitors from all ages and walks of life. We opted for a new media business model that allows us to work and operate by adjusting content even if there is low or no interest in crypto at all.

About CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) ERC20 token

The cryptocurrency used to support CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation is an ERC20 token, CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) which smart contract was submitted for verification at on February, 02nd2020. Institute “Geton News”, Gosposvetska cesta 4A, 1000 Ljubljana, Reg. No.: 8529884000 is CryptoBoard Token smart contract deployment entity, with official ERC20 address: 0x63a28B12360C8628757431072191920D2f779B60.

CryptoBoard Token’s model is to support the development of CryptoBoard MediaPlatform. All tokens from Supportive supply will flow to participants who are using CryptoBoard DPMC features. According to, CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation set the protocol to create the exact amount of CryptoBoard Token as the population of a particular region where the project CryptoBoard is acquiring market share. For the Slovenian region, we are creating 2.078.882 CryptoBoard Tokens (CBDX), one for each citizen. Because the price of the token is regulated by DPMC algorithm, the final price of the token will be 2,078882 EUR. Participants who will use rewarding features on will receive tokens into their accounts.

In conclusion, an industry-specific cryptocurrency (suchasCryptoBoardToken) could significantly reduce the industry-specific costs, lead to economies of scale and provide quality services to people from lower-income groups. As more and more people earn CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) and use them in various ways, the value of the cryptocurrency will change according to the DPMC algorithm, giving more freedom to the community. Indeed, the idea behind CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) is revolutionary but it is also inevitable. There is an obvious solution to the problems of various industries and it’s just a matter of time Until media communities implement CBDX and reap the benefits hereof.

Mitja Glavnik

CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation



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