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} 13. May 2020 Ivica Tkalčec

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How do disruptive companies begin? The world’s top tech companies were started by an individual or a group that applied their mind/s to current systems but reimagined the future years before their companies went public. The behemoths of the hotel industry were brought to their knees when a group of guys could not afford to rent a hotel and built their own platform.

Similarly, the lifeonscreen story began when a curious engineer asked a simple question. How to put Happy birthday on THAT SCREEN? This question fanned the flames of developing a global platform that can connect any screen, anywhere, anytime with advertisers around the globe. When we launched, we faced skepticism and doubt, whether it was advertisers, screen owners, or investors. However, four years of persistence, determination, and most of all hustle, has taken lifeonscreen from conception to managing 1035 screens across the Middle East and Europe. We are not stopping there, with our solution we will disrupt the digital out-of-home advertising and connect to our global platform 1 million screens globally in 4 years.

We are unlike any company in the advertising business today, primarily because lifeonscreen is a technology company and not a traditional advertising company. We have addressed the lack of innovation in advertising and put the focus on R&D. We aim to incorporate innovative in-house technical breakthroughs to our platform. While traditional companies are offering incomplete solutions we developed out-of-the-box solution that is easy to use and offers, based on AI, maximum insight. Our journey has only started, join us today in disrupting the future of communication, one screen at a time.


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