March Announcement

} 1. Mar 2021 milankozlevcar

Dear Geton Ecosystem user,

this month it will be one year from the day when Geton starts operating and Geton Trading platform was launched.

Geton Trading is one of three Marketing Matrixes trough which majority of Geton users have subscribed – following the referral link from their inviter.


Geton Ecosystem is a startup platform where project-dedicated cryptocurrencies and Dynamic Price Modelling Concept algorithm is regulating supply and cryptocurrency price according to the development stage of the supported project.

Like everything in nature has several development stages following its evolution we treat cryptocurrencies the same, hence we are developing the ecosystem to support and follow that main phases and make it possible to regulate that evolution by measurable protocols and principles.

Geton staking protocols are the batch of such principles, hence their basic feature and purpose are, that user who is “entering” into the world of cryptocurrencies receives a kind of guidance where he/she can more safely familiarise with the world of cryptocurrencies.

Guidance is meant in a way, that upon purchase or possession of cryptocurrency, users set cryptocurrency into one of the appropriate staking programs, knowing the purpose and objectives of it.


Today, Geton Ecosystem is a complex system of different platforms connecting more than 200.000 users from around the World and now it is absolutely a moment when we should present and explain it as a whole:


  1. InstantBeta projects:


GetonHealth – health&beauty e-commerce platform running the GetonCoin DPMC algorithm

PronWorld – the adult content tube running the PronCoin DPMC algorithm

Coming soon:

PiplShare – a vision to become a tokenized career environment for connecting freelancers

PronToys – adult content e-commerce platform running the PronCoin DPMC algorithm

GetonEstate – real-estate e-commerce platform running the GetonCoin DPMC algorithm

GetonGold – gold e-commerce platform running the GetonCoin DPMC algorithm


  1. Marketing Matrixes:

GetonTrading – fixed width and depth (4 x 8) referral-based token-sale structure

PremiumGetonTrading – fixed width and depth (3 x 6) referral-based token-sale structure

GetonGlobal – fixed width and depth (5 x 9) referral-based token-sale structure


Geton Academy – educational & supportive environment implementing presented theory to practice

  1. Supportive platforms:

GetonNews – ecosystem’s official news channel

Geton Exchange – internal exchange (in the process of merging directly to user’s back-office)

Geton Plus, GetonDirect, GetonFund – initial ecosystem platforms, supporting the workflow


According to the above information, we are absolutely aware, that knowing and using all available platforms and websites is a big challenge. It is also absolutely not possible to literarily and quickly familiarise with all features, having in mind that the ecosystem is still developing – whereas using the unique and innovative approach for using, understanding, and treating cryptocurrencies (which are by itself a bit mysterious) connected with supported projects is definitely calling to systematically approach.


We are now doing our best, to organize the explanation of our ecosystem as follows:

  1. Basic principles:

  • Geton Ecosystem mission statement.

  • Is this ecosystem actually something that interesting me?

  • Ecosystem structure.

  • Referral link invitation process.

  • Geton Academy.

  • Cryptocurrencies and how they are treated inside Geton Ecosystem.


  1. How to connect basics in a form of a system:

  • New tokenized project and its logical development stages.

  • Creation of cryptocurrency and importance of supplies.

  • Setting up the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept.

  • Implementation of referral marketing structure.


  1. Advanced use:

  • Staking protocols.

  • Adopting the communities.

  • Project tokenization.


  1. Geton Ecosystem future plans and vision:

  • Geton Ecosystem – open-source protocol for supporting innovation and creativity.


Best regards,

Geton Ecosystem


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