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} 26. Aug 2020 milankozlevcar

With much excitement, we’re announcing the launch of the new Geton website.

A fresh new look has been long in the making, and now we’re finally bringing it to the light of day.

Along with a sleek and bold redesign, the site has undergone some structural changes. Here are the features that stand out the most.


Check out the new Geton website


Clear and structured homepage


The second you land on the homepage, you get a clear overview of what Geton is all about:

  • Tokenization of businesses
  • Customized investments tailored to users’ needs
  • Core pillars of Geton business model

Geton is a complete ecosystem that supports the growth of businesses and individuals through:

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Geton.instant beta: Tokenization of businesses and token investments
  3. Universal basic income through supporting innovative businesses
  4. The latest updates from the industry and the Geton ecosystem


Geton USP: Dynamic Price Modeling Concept


It’s one thing to provide opportunities, yet quite another to make them work.

Geton’s Dynamic Price Modelling Concept (DPMC) combined with the power of blockchain technology allows visionary businesses to leverage market demand and use it to support their token price.

What does that mean for actual tokens? Enter the DPMC Calculator.

The Calculator shows a graphic visualization based on target market capitalization, initial development supply and target token price, calculated with the DPMC method. – reality check for blockchain-based businesses


Stay in the loop. Keep track of market performance by Geton blockchain businesses and browse through the

The exchange provides information on real-time token volume, and allows for regulation of token price according to the stage of its development.


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Geton.instant beta – business tokenization and customer participation


How can businesses harness new growth opportunities without heavily investing in new resources and aggressive marketing? Geton.instant beta allows them just that.

Browse through listed blockchain-based companies and participate in their token sharing.

Or, if you’re into the business side of things, see how your company can benefit from tokenization and opening itself up to a crowd-funding type of community backing.


Go to Geton.instant beta – universal basic income with referral and staking


There is income, and then there is universal basic income. In times when self-sufficiency is a game-changer, provides an opportunity for users to harness daily income of up to 1.25% through staking and referral plans.

Geton was not made to support just companies alone. We invite new community members and individual stakeholders to co-create successful business stories on the blockchain and earn income along the way.

Choose the Referral plan that works for you and start earning.


Go to – latest insights from the industry and Geton ecosystem


At Geton, we’re always on the move. Be it in terms of product development, hosting conferences, or tokenizing and listing new blockchain-based business models.

We believe our audience should not only enjoy top-notch products, but should also be informed about their options, news, updates, and rising opportunities.

Check the latest posts on and subscribe to Geton Newsletter (scroll down) to see what’s new with Geton before others do.


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More value for both sides of the equation


Geton users and partners can now enjoy more than just a sleek makeover.

Companies looking into growth opportunities, market support and implementation of new technologies are invited to enter the tokenization era of their business.

At the same time, private investors who seek to support visionary technology, advanced business models and exciting products can do so by earning a share of the pie along the way.

But don’t take our word for it. Scroll through the new Geton website at your own pace, browse products, portfolio of blockchain companies, latest news and product updates, and enjoy the opportunities Geton brings you with the new website.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.


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