New video – Geton Investments Ecosystem explained

} 28. Aug 2020 milankozlevcar


Ever wondered how the Geton Ecosystem works? Look no further.

In our latest video, we show you the big picture and take you through exciting details.



The Geton Ecosystem consists of four core pillars:

  • Geton.instant beta

Each of those serves a particular purpose – to complement all the others in bringing companies and investors a world-class experience in collaboration, crowdfunding, investing and universal basic income.


What’s in it for you?

Geton provides exciting opportunities for referral marketing enthusiasts and demanding cryptocurrency stakeholders to earn universal passive income on a dynamic matrix platform.



The video also explains the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept (DPMC) and its role through the stages of company growth including the startup phase, as well as the Instant Beta crowdfunding mechanism that supports a company in the phase of acquiring market share and tokenizing ownership.



Get your share

With Geton, you can participate in the growth of exciting companies and projects, and, along the way, earn universal passive income.

You can do it either by building the matrix structure or staking prosperous cryptocurrencies, using a simple referral code.



Learn more about the Geton Ecosystem and watch the full video below. And, while you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss new Geton content.


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