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} 4. Sep 2019 milankozlevcar

Dear Freelancers and Investors to blockchain solutions,

I am very proud to announce piplshare.com, a next generation worldwide freelancing platform, focusing on improving ways people connect and manage freelancing operations while offering:

  • Transparently presented and validated user profiles
  • Permanent and immutable storage of project materials
  • Absolutely (100%) secured payments/warranties for tasks and services completed
  • Sustainable passive incomes based on your previous activities
  • Royalties from investing into prosperous human resources

My name is Milan Kozlevcar and I am an independent technician and a passionate developer of creative business ideas.

For over 14 years I am a freelance translator and my mission at PiplShare Blockchain Corporation is to make a contribution to freelancing world by developing solutions which enhances the security & transparency of freelancing process, provide more sustainable incomes and increase the quality of life for humankind.

PiplShare Platform

Compared to other freelancing platforms, PiplShare will introduce ShareWorkingTM Protocol to revolutionize the current freelancing environment as the decision-making tools are assigned directly to the users themselves. Operations, security and transparency are managed through Smart Contracts, as the use of smart contracts and a blockchain technology eliminates the need to involve the middle man or an ‘independent’ authority.

Our mission at PiplShare is to organize the world’s freelancing industry and make it globally accessible and useful. We believe that the most effective, and ultimately the most profitable way of accomplishing our mission is to put the needs of our users first, hence empowering the freelancing operations with the benefits of casual employment and eliminating the disadvantages of such regime. We have found that offering a high-quality user experience leads to increased traffic and strong word-of-mouth promotion. Our dedication to putting users first is reflected in three key commitments we have made to our users:

  • We will do our best to provide the most possible transparency of user profiles in a given moment, independent of financial incentives.
  • We will do our best to provide the safest and protected payment operations, with focus to services provided and at the same time securing the quality of assigned services to protect the client. We also believe in an idea of universal basic income and we are constantly developing tools to make this possible.
  • We are continuously working on improving our user experience, tools for managing the freelancing operations and other important areas of freelancing organisation.

PiplShare Blockchain Corporation is a blockchain company registered and regulated under GETON’s division named GetOn Plus – the Blockchain Companies registry.

In a scope of enterprise sector, PiplShare Blockchain Corporation is operating through GETON d.o.o. Branch – PiplShare Blockchain Corporation, with registered office at Gosposvetska cesta 4a, 1000-Ljubljana, Slovenia, Reg. Number: 8210705001.

In the area of blockchain environment, PiplShare Blockchain Corporation is operating as tokenised entity with digitalised operations, transparently shown on etherscan.io. The crypto-currency which is supporting all tokenised PiplShare’s operations and processes is Ethereum based ERC20 token, PiplCoin (PIPL).

I welcome you to join,

Milan Kozlevcar


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