PiplShare Prospectus #1 Report

} 4. Nov 2019 milankozlevcar

Important findings and knowledge

PiplShare’s development and evolution can be recognized by a few key elements, which represent the principles of our approach to the worldwide community. For us, end-users and our stakeholders are our first priority, hence we are very detained with revealing any information about platform functionalities which are not recognized as bullet-proof. Such an approach often leads to community complaints about the lack of promotional activities about the development stage through social media and the internet in general. But we are dedicated to providing the solutions (products) which are offering state-of.the-art user experience which represents “marketing by itself”.

Such an approach was recognized as advanced and correct working protocol also by our Switzerland partners, which has joined our team at the phase of incorporating the PiplShare Blockchain Corporation and publishing the Prospectus #1 and give us even better understanding and approach.

Based on this partnership, we are happy to announce PiplShare’s vision to enter into Switzerland jurisdiction and already organize development of our upcoming objectives (Sponsorship & Universal Basic Income features) inside Switzerland “Crypto Valley”, centered on Zug.

Use of the Proceeds

Proceeds from Prospectus #1 were mainly spent to tactically purchase as much as possible PiplCoins from global traders on livecoin.net.

From September 09th 2019 when PiplShare Prospectus #1 was published on Geton News until Prospectus #1 Report on October 31st 2019, the following amounts of PiplCoins which were injected to PiplCoin’s Liquidity Pool (0x7abd702dbe8c3cba0a75aecf9e1916ee71167c57):

• 7.000.000 PiplCoins, on October 28th – the Available Circulating Supply has increased to 17.023.650 PiplCoins. At price 0,01 EUR, the PiplCoin Capitalisation is 170.236,50 EUR.
(Txh Hash: 0x2065874b029c186a7f3d7a1c9a9ea4a6811819d108de346929b2e22adc3a3af9).
• 6.900.000 PiplCoins, on October 31st – the Available Circulating Supply has increased to 23.923.650 PiplCoins. At price 0,01 EUR, the PiplCoin Capitalisation is 239.236,50 EUR.
(Txh Hash: 0x218d7030687475563df337044262e265e4dc0820cee64e1297b7a0cb87665074).

According to the above purchases, the price of PiplCoin on the global market has increased from 0,001240 EUR to 0,002528 EUR (20,38 %) and PiplShare Blockchain Corporation stakeholders have successfully bought 13.900.000 PiplCoins.


The purchased amount of PiplCoins represents Available Circulating Supply and should be used to support future purchases of PiplCoins from the global market with the objective to re-sell them per higher price and to support development and marketing demands on PiplShare.com.

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