PiplShare Prospectus #2 – Token Sale Aftermath

} 31. Dec 2019 milankozlevcar

Since November 4, 2019, when the PiplShare Prospectus #2 has been published on Geton News, until December 31, 2019, the PiplShare Blockchain Corporation has sold 5.062.472,79 PiplCoins from the PiplCoin’s Liquidity Pool (address 0x7abd702dbe8c3cba0a75aecf9e1916ee71167c57).

The PiplShare Blockchain Company manager decided to close the Prospectus #2 and keep the Token Sale open under the same conditions but in a form of Permanent Token Sale. All stakeholders will keep the same privileges.

Milan Kozlevčar, Manager

PiplShare Blockchain Corporation


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