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} 16. Oct 2019 milankozlevcar

PronWorld Blockchain Corporation is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. PronWorld is a privately held (tokenized) company, hence we are managing PronWorld differently than conventional companies. On our unique online platform for adults, we are emphasizing an atmosphere of creativity and challenge, which helps us provide for users access to the online adult industry, enable complete anonymity and safety of payments and offer the mechanism for creating profit to users worldwide.

Now the time has come for our tokenized company to widely open to public ownership. This change will bring important benefits for our employees, for our present and future stakeholders, for our customers, and most of all for PronWorld users.

Therefore, we have implemented a corporate structure that is designed to protect PronWorld ability to innovate and retain its most distinctive characteristics. We are confident that, in the long run, this will benefit PronWorld and its stakeholders, old and new. We want to clearly explain our plans and the reasoning and values behind them. We are delighted you are considering an investment in PronWorld and are reading this letter.

I intend to write you a letter like this one every year in our annual report. I am asking that you read this letter in conjunction with the rest of this prospectus.

Serving End Users

I founded PronWorld in a conjunction with GROSSUS – Blockchain Solutions company and the main reason was because I believed we could provide an important service to the freelancing world—unbiasedly and transparently displaying real user profiles (KYC), 100% security and protection of payments/delivered services, protection of freelancer’s intellectual property, sustainable (passive) incomes from previous activities, secure investments in prosperous human resources. Serving our end users is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority.

Long Term Focus

We will make business decisions by considering the long-term welfare of our company and our stakeholders and not based on accounting considerations.

Although we can discuss long term trends in our business, we do not intend to provide earnings guidance in the traditional sense. We are not able to predict our business within a narrow range for each quarter. We are aware that it is our duty to advance our shareholders’ interests, and we believe that artificially creating short term target numbers serves our stakeholders poorly.

Risk versus Reward in the Long Run

Our business environment changes rapidly and needs long term investment. We will not hesitate to place major bets on promising new opportunities.

The more users register on the PronWorld platform, the more they will use it once they realize what advantages it has. All the benefits of the platform will attract more and more new users, which will encourage them to be more creative in using the platform. And their activity will just boost the platform’s volume.

Corporate Structure

We are creating a corporate structure that is designed for stability over long time horizons. By investing in PronWorld, you are placing an unusual long term bet on the team, especially to me & GROSSUS Team, and on our innovative approach.

We want the PronWorld to become an outstanding platform when it comes to the online adult industry. Our mission is to establish a creative environment for both sides of users; consumers and creators of content, to allow them complete freedom in using the PronWorld platform and interaction inside this global community.

We believe we have a world-class management team impassioned by PronWorld’s mission and responsible for PronWorld’s success. This will help us achieve our mission and attract many users to PronWorld platform and expand the online community for adults. Our team is experienced in managing the online business and enough open-minded and creative to serve the goals of the company in the long term.

As an investor, you are placing a potentially risky long-term bet on the team. I and the management team are aware that our individual and collective interests are deeply aligned with those of the new investors who choose to support PronWorld.

ACS (Available Circulating Supply) Pricing And Allocation

It is important for us to have a fair process for our ACS Offering that is inclusive of both small and large investors. It is also crucial that we achieve a good outcome for PronWorld Blockchain Corporation and its current stakeholders. This has led us to pursue an ACS Offering for part of the entire supply. Our goal is to have a token price that reflects an efficient market valuation of PronCoin that moves rationally based on project volume in our business.

We are working to create a sufficient supply of tokens to meet investor demand at ACS Offering time and after. We are encouraging current shareholders to consider selling some of their PronCoin tokens on the open market as part of the offering. These tokens will supplement the tokens the company’s Available Circulating Supply to provide more supply for investors and hopefully provide a more stable price. I, among others, am currently planning to sell a fraction of privately held tokens in the ACS Offering process. The more tokens current shareholders sell, the more likely it is that they believe the price is not unfairly low. The supply of tokens available will likely have an effect on the clearing price of the auction. Since the number of tokens being sold is likely to be larger at a high price and smaller at a lower price, investors will likely want to consider the scope of current shareholder participation in the ACS Offering. We may communicate from time to time that we are sellers rather than buyers at certain prices.

We would like you to invest in the long term, and you should not expect to sell PronCoin tokens for a profit shortly after PronWorld’s ACS Offering. We encourage investors not to invest in PronCoin at ACS Offering or for some time after if they believe the price is not sustainable over the long term. Even in the long term, the trading price of PronCoin token on the global market may decline, On the GetOn platform the price of PronCoin will constantly and strictly increase according to business expansion and rise of project volume. One of the important factors is also the fact, that PronCoin is a deflationary currency, and the burning process of Circulating Supply will cause the value of PronCoin tokens to increase over time even without fresh money constantly flowing into the market.

We intend to take steps to help ensure token holders are well informed. We encourage you to read this prospectus, especially the Risk Factors section. We think that short term speculation without paying attention to price is likely to lose you money, especially with our auction structure. In particular, we caution you that investing in PronWorld Blockchain Corporation through our auction could be followed by a significant decline in the value of your investment after the ACS Offering.


Our users, “The Pronsters”, are everything. PronWorld Blockchain Corporation is organized around the ability to attract and leverage the talent of exceptional technologists and business people. We have been lucky to recruit many creative, principled and hard-working stars. We hope to recruit many more in the future. We will reward and treat them well.

Summary And Conclusion

PronWorld Blockchain Corporation is not a conventional company. I intend to operate PronWorld Blockchain Corporation together with GROSSUS Team differently, applying the values it has developed as a privately held (tokenized) company to its future as a public (tokenized) company.

Our mission and business description are available in the rest of this prospectus; we encourage you to carefully read this information. We will optimize for the long term rather than trying to produce smooth earnings for each quarter. We will continue to strive to attract new platform users worldwide, loyal consumers and creators of high-quality content for adults.

In this letter we have talked about our ACS auction method and our desire for stability and access for all investors. We have discussed our goal to have investors who invest for the long term. Finally, we have discussed our desire to create an ideal working environment that will ultimately drive the success of PronWorld Blockchain Corporation by retaining and attracting talented Pronsters.

Milan Kozlevcar


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