The future of Geton

} 1. Mar 2021 milankozlevcar

Dear Geton Ecosystem user,

thank you for supporting our community. 
Today we finish important conversations with strategic partners and we set two important directions which will have a major impact on Geton’s future:

  1. On Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 we are starting with the implementation of shareworking platform in connection with project PiplShare and users will have the opportunity to use PiplCoin balances on the global freelancing platforms, because we are adopting a new community into our ecosystem hence PiplShare will be first of our InstanBeta projects with such feature. Also in a very short period, selling PiplCoin from the external (global) exchange will be possible per price which will be set inside Geton Ecosystem. More news about PiplShare opportunity will follow according to development progress in the following days.  Because we need to test and prove the concept of InstantBeta implementation, we will continuously improve user experience and rarely implement the solutions into PronWorld and GetonHealth projects.
  2. Geton Ecosystem has also established a partnership with the international – global networking community and Geton users will have a possibility to cooperate with their sponsors, who will lead them to participate in a one-time available compensation process. We are now in the phase of collecting the information, recruiting, and educating networking leaders – also news will follow, so please stay tuned and follow our Geton Academy FB group.

Best regards, 
Geton Ecosystem


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