The genuine demand

} 28. Jun 2019 Miran Pavlic

AirPod has the product, the market, the buyer, and consequently Genuine Demand — the reason that people will be buying APOD tokens.

Crypto Winter has changed everything. Nowadays, there are no more influencers, creating Hype. Investors are more informed, cautious, and more “mature”. The Hype has passed.

And this is actually a good sign. Because now we are entering the phase, where you can separate potentially successful projects from ones, that are only out there for the quick earnings a.k.a. Money Grab.

AirPod never created the Hype. Why? Because we don’t need the Hype and we don’t want to be seen as a one-hit wonder. We strongly believe that projects that are based on Hype instead of the Genuine demand are not going to survive.

In the times before the Crypto Winter, ICO was the most popular way to raise funds for the project. Why? Because you didn’t have to do much. All you had to prepare was a Whitepaper. Some theoretical “bullshit” — a concept that didn’t have to be built in reality yet. You had to put together 60 pages of beautiful words, paragraphs, and a conclusion that people will become wealthy by investing in your project. It doesn’t even have to be a scam — you can actually believe that your project will make it — but you get the money for something that is built only in your head, only in theory. Moreover, people tend to forget that something that it seems so appealing in theory may not have actual demand in reality, and there will be no need for that kind of product or service/solution.

Some project thought of an idea; they connected it with the crypto world, made their own cryptocurrency, created a Hype, and then a Fomo. They raised the money and tried to build their “thing”. However, there is no Genuine Demand because it was not delivered or even worse, it was never feasible.

People were not buying the cryptocurrency, because there was no need for that. The value of cryptocurrency was now dropping fast. And there was nothing you could do. The project was seen as a failure. And then another project makes the same deal. And another one and so on?

And we are back in the times of bubble when the same story happened. (If you don’t remember, here you can refresh your memory: So what did we learn with the bursting of the bubble? The project that wants to succeed must have the demand and its buyer!

Investors became aware of that and started to be more cautious. More educated and mature! Smarter.

How AirPod tackles issues above? We have the product, the market, we have a buyer, and consequently Genuine Demand — the reason that people will be buying APOD tokens. But more about that in the next article, where you will learn about two streams of Genuine Demand of APOD token!


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