Truth, transparency and trust are key for our brand image

} 1. Oct 2020 milankozlevcar

Dear Geton community, dear public and media,

We’re proud to have built the Geton Ecosystem, and I would like to thank everyone for their invaluable cooperation and trust in Geton’s unique Dynamic Price Modelling Concept.

It is commonly known and emphasized time and time again that Geton is a closed ecosystem where crypto-tokens (ERC-20) are used in a specific way, much different to any existing project, exchange, or cryptocurrency environment.

Our mission is to tokenize real projects through a stable Instant Beta application that enables supporters to earn passive income based on the project’s development stage. Thanks to this innovative system, the Geton ecosystem is growing into an amazing community of enthusiastic ambassadors, and their passion for our business model shows in their actions. We feel they deserve the most from us and the media coverage of the project.

So here is my plea:

Please continue discussing our project, but more importantly, publish only truthful, accurate and official information about Geton.

Only with truth and transparency, we can promote our unique idea as it deserves, without creating confusion and misunderstanding.

And especially, when talking about Geton, please do not name respected individuals that are not directly connected to the project. Particularly I would ask to not mention Mr Damjan Merlak, a great entrepreneur and friend of mine, in the context of Geton.

Geton is an independent blockchain-based ecosystem where cryptocurrencies and technology are used in a unique way. And we would like to keep it that way by committing to integrity and truthfulness.

With all my best regards,

Milan Kozlevčar
CEO and Founder


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