TSPE staking protocol and principles

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Introduction and basic principles of TSPE staking protocol
Staking is one of the basic Geton Ecosystem functionalities. The basic purpose of Geton staking is to show and stimulate users with practical examples about basic principles of cryptocurrency use and to support and rewards active and experienced users with a regulated and transparent mechanism of token sales. The final result, which is unique and used just inside GetOn StartUp ecosystem is: “when TSPE order is closed, the user had same value od stake in EuroGROSH plus equal value in purchased cryptocurrency”.

Cryptocurrency world overview and where is GetOn StartUp Ecosystem positioned?
Major (every day) reasons why people are entering into cryptocurrency area

In general, people are buying cryptocurrency because of three basic intentions and
1. To invest and expect that the value of such asset will increase in a period of time and later sell such asset. The biggest concern or challenge at this is the liquidity of the dedicated cryptocurrency.
2. To use cryptocurrency as a transfer medium, because blockchain technology enables fast and affordable transactions if we are comparing them with conventional transfer methods.
3. To trade on a regular basis and try to sell dedicated cryptocurrency at a higher price than it was bought. This is happening at web-based places, commonly called cryptocurrency exchanges.

How is exchange trading working on global exchanges?
The main feature or principle at exchange trading is “order book”. Within the order book, users can freely set the “buy” price of cryptocurrency and set (reserve) their purchase balance to “buy order” or “sell order”, where user freely set “sell” price and again set (reserve) chosen amount of possessed cryptocurrency into that order. Both orders can be canceled if the user changes his/her intention.
According to realization, that means if sell and buy orders “come together,” that is when selling order has the same value as buy order, trading happens and that is always the actual price of dedicated cryptocurrency which is shown public and also official for the particular exchange.

How is GetOn StartUp Ecosystem different?
Because Geton Ecosystem is in essence the startup ecosystem platform that uses project dedicated cryptocurrencies and Dynamic Price Modelling Concept algorithm where circulating supply and cryptocurrency price are regulated according to the development stage of the supported project.
We are aware that also cryptocurrency has several development stages following its evolution and these phases can be also regulated by measurable protocols and principles.
Geton TSPE stake protocol is one of such principles, hence its basic feature and purpose is, that the user who is “entering” into the world of cryptocurrencies receives a kind of guidance where he/she can safely become more familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies. This guidance is meant in a way, that upon purchase of chosen cryptocurrency, the system puts purchased amount of that cryptocurrency into TSPE staking mechanism.

TSPE staking mechanism (protocol):
Token Sale Practise Exercise (TSPE) represents a specially designed token buying&selling mechanism (protocol) which performs used cryptocurrency selling activity within the user’s closest community members – more detailed, users are buying cryptocurrency which is set into TSPE stake from their mentor (sponsor) and if their selling amount does not cover demand to buy, from the user which is one level above and further, until buy order is closed.

— START of principles —

Principle of keeping the value
When the TSPE stake is completed, the user receives the initial stake value in available EuroGROSH plus the same value in cryptocurrency which was set to staking mechanism (protocol). Following used cryptocurrency price change – according to the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept (DPMC), TSPE staking mechanism also deduct a proportional amount of staked cryptocurrency, to keep initial value of that TSPE stake.

Which assets are possible to be used for purchasing the TSPE stake?
For purchasing the TSPE stake sell order, users are allowed to use 25% of their cryptocurrency in which TSPE stake order are buying. Available amount means that the user needs to have that cryptocurrency in a wallet of account inside which TSPE stake is creating. Additional 75% of a purchase, user need to pay with EuroGROSH balance from a wallet. To each purchased TSPE stake order, the user can add also a TSPEGROSH balance (if available in his/her wallet) which represents leverage and increase the total value of the TSPE stake accordingly. Calculating price of TSPEGROSH is 1,00 EuroGROSH. The cryptocurrency which is bought with TSPEGROSH leverage is purchased from a dedicated cryptocurrency liquidity pool and the amount of TSPEGROSH is later burned (destroyed). Selling commissions for participation with cryptocurrency and TSPEGROSH are not calculated either distributed to the structure. Structure members receive a commission just
from the participation with EuroGROSH.
When such a TSPE stake is finished, the user receives EuroGROSH balance plus initial stake value in purchased cryptocurrency.

Principle of community participation

Who is selling cryptocurrency to users which initiates the TSPE stake?
Each valid Platform registered user has always a possibility, to set available cryptocurrency in “TSPE stake SELL order”.

What are the possibilities to sell cryptocurrency through the TSPE stake sell order?
Platform registered and operational users can always set TSPE stake SELL order – with a 75% discount from the price by which tokens will be sold. When anybody to whom the seller is a direct mentor (sponsor) (and receiving a direct commission of 12% from their purchases) buy a TSPE stake, the seller receives total or proportional part of 25% of selling income, depending on the volume of TSPE stake BUY order from person to whom is a mentor (sponsor).
From the purchase of the TSPE stake order, the seller receives also a structure selling commission, depending on the position of buyer, but commission percentages are organized in the following order: 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1% and also 12% direct mentor (sponsor) commission.
From TSPE order purchase actually goes 25% to the seller(s) of cryptocurrency, 1 % is system fee, 24% is distributed for structure & mentor (sponsor) commissions hence remaining 50% is used to (proportionally) close existing TSPE stakes which seller has in his/her account.

To be more specific, which flows are generated when users buy TSPE stake sell orders?
Flows that are generated upon TSPE stake order are calculated only from available EuroGROSH participation and are as follows:
– 25% goes to the seller (or sellers if the user above the buyer is not selling enough big amount of purchase cryptocurrency.
– 24% are distributed as selling commission to structure members, depending of position (3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%) according to community structure referral plan (5 x 9) and also referral commissions from users to whom is sponsor (12%).
– 1% is the system fee for processing the operation
– 50% are used for closing actual TSPE stake sell orders from buyer’s referral (mentor). If that user does not have active TSPE orders, the system distributes the balance to their referral (mentor) TSPE orders and continues up through structure until the balance is spent.

Principle of effectiveness and community involvement

Is TSPE stake order limited by time?
No, TSPE stake order is limited just by the activity of platform users who are participating.

— END of principles —

*This document is valid from the day of publishing and can be revised and updated from the time at our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them. To user applies version which was valid at the moment of use.

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