[Video] How does Geton staking work and what’s in it for you?

} 2. Nov 2020 milankozlevcar

In these unprecedented times, it has never been more critical to find stable ways of income and ensure financial stability for every individual.

More and more, the concept of a universal basic income makes sense, and thanks to the blockchain technology, it’s becoming available to the majority of people, regardless of government agendas.

To provide everyone with an opportunity to earn a Universal Basic Income, Geton has developed an advanced and proven token staking mechanism.


With Geton Staking, you’re in control

The Geton ecosystem promotes and empowers innovative business ideas and startups. When you buy a cryptocurrency that supports a specific blockchain-based project, you can earn the right to a Universal Passive Income.

The ecosystem operates with the support of the unique Grossus blockchain. The price of an individual cryptocurrency depends solely on the success of the supported actual project and, unlike usual cryptocurrency projects, not on trading and speculation.

This way, users and holders of crypto tokens can count on more stability and thus control their funds better.



How to earn a Passive Universal Income with Geton?

First, you need to open an account on Geton and deposit funds. In Geton Wallet, you place a stake of the selected amount of the tokens you have in your account.

The selected amount of tokens in the equivalent value of GROSH tokens goes to the Geton System Stake for 100 days. The Geton System calculates and assigns a daily income of 0.5% to 1.25%, depending on the number of tokens you staked in GROSH equivalent.

While you get income daily, the key to staking is waiting. To receive the total amount of tokens in the initial equivalent of GROSH tokens, you need to wait 100 days. If you cancel your stake before that, the Geton System will deduce 45% of your tokens.

You should also note that the number of tokens available for staking does not always meet the user demand, meaning staking is not always available. To check staking availability, go to Stake tab in your account and see the 24 hour Stake, calculated and set by the Geton System every day at 12 pm.


Everything is at stake

Ultimately, it all depends on our actions. And financial stability is no exception. By ensuring your funds grow over time, you can anticipate a nicer future with more opportunities.

Learn more about staking and Universal Passive Income with Geton in our latest video.



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