What is the Dynamic Price Modeling Concept (DPMC) and why does it matter?

} 29. Sep 2020 Geton


Too often, new business ideas and young companies have a hard time ensuring growth in a saturated and demanding market. But there is a way to achieve just that – through market shares and good old math.


Enter the DPMC

DPMC or Dynamic Price Modeling Concept is a mechanism of GetonInvestments that supports the development of business ideas into successful companies.

It’s based on a mathematical model of the natural logarithm and standard logarithmic functions.



This mathematical approach to price modelling skirts the influence of human-made risk factors, such as speculations, irrational hype or market manipulations that business projects, especially blockchain- and crypto-based, could be susceptible to.

DPMC thus represents a science-oriented method to help businesses thrive as it allows them to base their success only on their actual market value and market sharing structure.


What is the main factor in calculating the DPMC value?

The intensity of change in price and market valuation is influenced only by a project’s market capitalization or the size of its market share.

In other words, a company with a stable market share can include the owners of the project’s crypto-tokens (i. e., micro-investors) into the equity structure of a company.

A stable market share thus ensures that trading of crypto-assets on the free market does not lead to irrational trading hype, but instead follows a continuous path of growth.


What does this mean for companies and startups?

The development of a business idea is usually closely tied to technological innovation that propels investments into new business opportunities. But as markets get saturated, the expansion of economic development slows down, which leads to recession and liquidation of surplus investments.

Young business ideas, particularly blockchain-based and those of a global reach, are easily susceptible to very exciting but highly risky community incentives and market trends. They usually undergo development phases through volatile and cyclic loops of peaks and troughs that could lead to irrational mania.

With the DPMC, on the other hand, Geton ensures that the price of crypto tokens does not exceed the highest reasonable point, but also prevents it from falling below the lowest reasonable threshold.

This is possible because the price of tokens is only determined by the actual market share of the existing project.


How to calculate the token price with DPMC?

It could not be easier. Simply go to GetonInvestments, fill in the fields and see the dynamic price modelling calculation live on the chart.

Enter the expected business capitalization of your project, the minimum amount needed to develop it, and the target price of your project token.



That’s it. By moving the slider left and right, you see how the token price and the supportive supply change with time, based on the information you provided.


Join the companies that leverage the DPMC

DPMC is more than a concept. It’s been tested and proven in real life by successful Geton corporations that have launched their business ideas leveraging the blockchain technology, tokenization of assets and centuries-old logarithmic rules.

Join them with GetonInstant Beta and make DPMC work for you.

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