What is the Geton ecosystem?

} 9. Oct 2020 Alex Serrajotto

Creating a business idea is a great place to start, but turning it into a successful company can only be achieved through effort, persistence and strategic decisions.

The power of the blockchain technology has been an inspiration to the Geton founder, Milan Kozlevčar, and the Geton team since the very start of the crypto era. He always had the vision to create an ecosystem, a simple and all-in-one solution to support the growth of innovative business ideas through tokenization of assets, and to connect them directly with their users in a transparent, independent and straightforward way.

Since the crypto bubble in 2018, Geton has leveraged the opportunity to develop a secure, transparent and user-friendly environment – an ecosystem for users and tokenized companies.


What are the core principles of Geton?

Turning an innovative concept into reality takes a different approach.

The first and most important thing that Geton developed was the Dynamic Price Modelling Concept (DPMC).



DPMC enables the creators of innovative business ideas and solutions with global reach to enter a transparent and controlled ecosystem by tokenizing their business assets and to develop a successful company.

And secondly, Geton established a set of Business idea development stages that a company should follow to be successful in the modern world of tokenized businesses.


What makes the Geton ecosystem different?

The Geton ecosystem was created as a trusted, secure and simple-to-use platform to benefit its users and the hosted companies.

By incorporating the blockchain technology, Geton provides trust and transparency between buyers and blockchain companies. It delivers a secure and user-friendly systematic environment and gives the power to all stakeholders in the system.



The ecosystem differs from others by its core pillars:

  • Geton.Exchange – Cryptocurrency exchange with real-time token prices, volumes and charts
  • Geton.Instant Beta – Tokenization of business assets for more business opportunities
  • Geton.Trading and Geton.Global – Universal Basic Income through supporting innovative companies
  • Geton.News – Latest news, updates and opportunities in the Geton ecosystem

Behind each of these four pillars, experts and highly trained people ensure that every action is aimed towards the company’s goal – to become the largest, fully independent, transparent and digital platform for funding, investing and community growth that provides equal business and earning opportunities to everyone.

All these pillars, together with the DPMC model, are forming one of the most secured environments for users to start trading assets and companies to launch their blockchain-based businesses.


The results speak for themselves

Today, the Geton ecosystem gathers more than 300.000 users and has launched eight successful blockchain corporations that have brought their business model to the platform and keep leveraging its benefits.

The Geton ecosystem is presented as Geton.Investments – a fully independent, transparent and digital platform for funding, investing and community growth that provides equal business opportunities.

This way, Geton empowers everyone, businesses and buyers, to earn their spot, benefits and trust.

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